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美国语文第五册 第60期:露西-福斯特(03)

"She has sunk into some mossy or miry place," said Michael, to a man near him, into whose face he could not look, a cruel, cruel death to one like her! “露西或许陷进沼泽或泥泞的地方了,”迈克尔对身边的一个男人说,他没法直视那男人的脸,对她来说,那么残忍的、无法想象的死亡! The earth on which my child walked has closed over her, and we shall never see her more! 我的孩子,你究竟在哪里陷进去了?我们难道再也见不到你吗? At last, a man who had left the search, and gone in a direction toward the highroad, 搜索队有人早已离开,独自往公路方向寻找, came running with something in his arms toward the place where Michael and others were standing beside Agnes, 后来,有人朝迈克尔站的地方跑过来,胳膊上好像还抱着什么东西,艾格尼丝躺在草地上, who lay, apparently exhausted almost to dying, on the sward. 明显看起来筋疲力尽似乎濒死的模样,大家纷纷围着她。 He approached hesitatingly; and Michael saw that he carried Lucy's bonnet, clothes, and plaid. 来人犹豫着走近,迈克尔看清楚了,他怀里抱着露西的衣帽,还有外套。 It was impossible not to see some spots of blood upon the frill that the child had worn around her neck. 不难看出,孩子脖颈处的帽褶地方有斑点血迹, "Murdered was the one word whispered or ejaculated all around; “谋杀,这是谋杀!”周围不约而同的窃窃私语或高声叫嚷响成一片。 but Agnes heard it not; for, worn out by that long night of hope and despair, 但是,母亲艾格尼丝听不见了,整整一夜希望与绝望的反复折磨后, she had fallen asleep, and was, perhaps, seeking her lost Lucy in her dreams. 她早已睡着了,或许正在梦里寻找她的可爱露西。 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20171113/510664.html