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But Danny, the whole American endeavor is about life, liberty, the pursuit of happiness. 可是丹尼,生命、自由和追求快乐是所有美国人奋斗的目标。 If people took seriously that finding, 假若大家都认真对待这一发现, I mean, it seems to turn upside down everything we believe about, like for example, taxation policy and so forth. 那么,这将颠覆我们固有的观念,例如,课税政策等。 Is there any chance that politicians, that the country generally, 这个国家的政治人物有没有可能 would take a finding like that seriously and run public policy based on it? 会正视这样的发现并且依次施政? You know I think that there is recognition of the role of happiness research in public policy. 我认为已有人认知到研究快乐于谋划政策中的地位。 The recognition is going to be slow in the United States, no question about that, 但这项认知于美国的传播速度颇慢,这是毋庸置疑的, but in the U.K., it is happening, and in other countries it is happening. 但在英国,它正持续发酵,其他国家亦然。 People are recognizing that they ought to be thinking of happiness when they think of public policy. 一般人也开始认知到,在谋划政策时亦应将快乐纳入考量指标。 It's going to take a while, and people are going to debate 虽然这将花些时间,但人们也将开始思考。 whether they want to study experience happiness, or whether they want to study life evaluation, 他们要的是经验的快乐,抑或是为生活打分, so we need to have that debate fairly soon. 因此很快,我们将要理解这个问题。 How to enhance happiness goes very different ways depending on how you think, 如何增进快乐有好几种方式,但事关你是怎么想的, and whether you think of the remembering self or you think of the experiencing self. 你想的是记忆自我还是在想经验自我。 This is going to influence policy, I think, in years to come. 我想于几年之内,这将影响政策的实施。 In the United States, efforts are being made to measure the experience happiness of the population. 美国已经付出巨大的努力来衡量大众的经验的快乐。 This is going to be, I think, within the next decade or two, part of national statistics. 我想在十年或二十年内,这将会成为国家统计数据的一部分。 Well, it seems to me that this issue will -- or at least should be -- 这个议题对于我来说 the most interesting policy discussion to track over the next few years. 将会是未来几年里最有的一个政策讨论议题。 Thank you so much for inventing behavioral economics. Thank you, Danny Kahneman. 非常感谢您所创造的行为经济学。非常感谢丹尼尔·卡纳曼。 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20171112/510468.html