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美国语文第四册 第165期:休伊德和特劳先生(02)

Now Hugh was a boy of very frank disposition, and had never been known to tell a lie in all his life. 休是个性格坦率的男孩,从来没撒过谎。 Nor did he tell one now, but confessed that he had run away from school on account of his great dislike to Mr. Toil. 休是个性格坦率的男孩,从来没撒过谎。 "Oh, very well, my little friend!" answered the stranger; then we will go together; “哦,很好,我的小朋友!”陌生人回答说,那么我们一起走吧; for I likewise have had a good deal to do with Mr. Toil, and should be glad to find some place where he was never heard of. 因为我也受不了特劳先生,我们得找一个谁也没听说过他的地方。 So they walked on very sociably side by side. 于是,他们友好地一起往前走。 By and by their road led them past a field, where some haymakers were at work. 经过一片田野,一些人在那里晾干草。 Hugh could not help thinking how much pleasanter it must be to make hay in the sunshine, under the blue sky, than to learn lessons all day long, shut up in a dismal schoolroom, continually watched by Mr. Toil. 休不禁想,在蓝天下阳光里晾干草比整天关在阴暗的教室里学习功课快乐多了,又没有特劳先生一直监视。 But in the midst of these thoughts, while he was stopping to peep over the stone wall, 一边想一边透过石墙的缝隙往里看, he started back and caught hold of his companion's hand. 一看之下,不禁吃了一惊,抓住同伴的手。 "Quick, quick!" CRIed he; "let us run away, or he will catch us!" “快,快!”他喊道,“我们逃跑吧,否则他会抓住我们的!” "Who will catch us?" asked the stranger. “谁抓我们?”陌生人说。 "Mr. Toil, the old schoolmaster," answered Hugh; "don't you see him among the haymakers?" and Hugh pointed to an elderly man, who seemed to be the owner of the field. “特劳先生,老校长,”休回答说,“你在晾干草的人中没看到他吗?”休指着一个老人,好像是这片地的主人。 He was busily at work in his shirt sleeves. 那个人挽着袖子在干活。 The drops of sweat stood upon his brow; and he kept constantly crying out to his work people to make hay while the sun shone. 额头上汗水涔涔,他不停地对工人们喊叫,趁着天晴赶快晾干草。 Strange to say, the features of the old farmer were precisely the same as those of Mr. Toil, who at that very moment must have been just entering the schoolroom. 说起来,这个老农民的相貌和特劳先生一模一样,此刻,特劳先生一定刚走进教室。 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20171112/510449.html