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美国语文第四册 第164期:休伊德和特劳先生(01)

Hugh Idle loved to do only what was agreeable, and took no delight in labor of any kind. 休·伊德只喜欢做使他感到惬意的事,不喜欢任何劳动。 But while Hugh was yet a little boy, he was sent away from home, and put under the care of a very strict schoolmaster, who went by the name of Mr. Toil. 休虽然还很小,却被送到了严厉的教师特劳先生那里学习。 Those who knew him best, affirmed that Mr. Toil was a very worthy character, 了解特劳先生的人都说他是个值得敬重的人, and that he had done more good, both to children and grown people, than anybody else in the world. 他为孩子,也为成年人所做的事比世界上任何人都多。 He had, however, a severe and ugly countenance; his voice was harsh; and all his ways and customs were disagreeable to our young friend, Hugh Idle. 可是他表情严肃,长相丑陋,说话的声音严厉;他的所有方式和习惯都让我们的小朋友休·伊德感到不快。 The whole day long this terrible old schoolmaster stalked about among his scholars, with a big cane in his hand; 手里拿着一根大竹杖,这个可怕的老师对孩子们非常严厉; and unless a lad chose to attend constantly and quietly to his book, he had no chance of enjoying a single quiet moment. 除非安静专心致志地读书,否则将得不到一刻消停。 "This will never do for me," thought Hugh; "I'll run off, and try to find my way home." “这对我来说可不行,”休心里想,“我得逃回家去。” So the very next morning off he started, with only some bread and cheese for his breakfast, and very little pocket money to pay his expenses. 第二天早上他就出发了,只带了一些用作早餐的面包奶酪和一点零花钱。 He had gone but a short distance, when he overtook a man of grave and sedate appearance trudging at a moderate pace along the road. 刚走不远,他就遇到了一个表情严肃、走在路上稳稳当当的人。 "Good morning, my fine lad!" said the stranger; and his voice seemed hard and severe, yet had a sort of kindness in it; “早上好,我的好孩子!”陌生人说。他的声音生硬、严肃,可是透着善良, when do you come so early, and whither are you going? 你怎么这么早?你去哪儿呀? 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20171112/510448.html