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But now, because the reflective self is in charge, 不过,既然现实由思考自我主导, you may end up -- some people may end up moving to California. 一些人可能会得到这样一种结论,那就是搬到加州。 And it's sort of interesting to trace what is going to happen 他们搬去加州是为了过上更快乐的生活, to people who move to California in the hope of getting happier. 而追踪观看他们的后续发展,将会是一件相当有趣的事。 Well, their experiencing self is not going to get happier. We know that. 他们的经验自我是不会变得更快乐。这我们都知道。 But one thing will happen: They will think they are happier, 不过当一件事发生后,他们会觉得自己快乐多了。 because, when they think about it, they'll be reminded of how horrible the weather was in Ohio, 因为在他们思考时,他们会回想起俄亥俄州的坏天气。 and they will feel they made the right decision. 他们也因此觉得他们做出了正确的决定。 It is very difficult to think straight about well-being, 要理解快乐生活实在很难, and I hope I have given you a sense of how difficult it is. Thank you. 我希望我已经让你们对此有个基本概念,并且明白这个过程到底有多难。谢谢。 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20171111/510204.html