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中国元素火了 Chinese Elements Are Hot

Before Rio Olympic Games, many players were annoyed by the virus that caused by the mosquito, even some chose to quit the match. While for Chinese players, they have the special weapon to protect themselves. A foreign player even wanted to buy one. Everyone was so curious, then we saw the picture of the weapon—mosquito net. Everyone laughed out loudly, because it was such an ordinary equipment for Chinese people, while more foreign players were surprised by such special equipment, and they also wanted to own it. The other Chinese element is the cupping glass. When we watched the match, we found that some players had the red circle marks in their bodies. It was the Chinese traditional treatment. The foreign players enjoyed this treatment and they spoke highly of it. Chinese elements are hot outside the stage.  里约热内卢奥运会开始之前,许多运动员都受困于一种由蚊子引起的病毒,一些人甚至因此选择退出了比赛。而对于中国运动员来说,他们有特殊的武器来保护自己。外国运动员甚至想买一个。每个人都很好奇这个东西,之后我们看到了武器——蚊帐。每个人都大声笑了出来,因为这只是中国人民的普通设备。随着越来越多外国运动员为这样的设备而感到惊讶,他们也想拥有一个。另一个中国元素就是拔火罐。当我们观看比赛时,会发现一些运动员身上有红色圆圈标记,这是中国的传统治疗方法。外国球员也喜欢这种治疗,并给予了高度评价。中国元素是在舞台之外也深受欢迎。 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20171110/Chinese-Elements-Are-Hot.html