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The distinction between the happiness of the experiencing self 近年来,经验自我的快乐 and the satisfaction of the remembering self has been recognized in recent years, 和记忆自我的满足的差异性已能分清, and there are now efforts to measure the two separately. 目前正努力来分别测度两者, The Gallup Organization has a world poll where more than half a million people 盖洛普公司最近在全世界举行了一场民意调查,其中逾五十万人 have been asked questions about what they think of their life and about their experiences, 都被问及一个类似的问题,那就是他们如何看待他们的生活和如何看待他们的经验。 and there have been other efforts along those lines. 除了这个问题,这个公司还做了其它的调查。 So in recent years, we have begun to learn about the happiness of the two selves. 近年来,我们逐渐得知关于两种快乐见解的信息。 And the main lesson I think that we have learned is they are really different. 我认为我们主要学到的便是两者是天壤之别的。 You can know how satisfied somebody is with their life, 虽然你可以得知一个人对生活是否满意, and that really doesn't teach you much about how happily they're living their life, and vice versa. 但却无法告诉你他们平常活的有多快乐,而反之亦然。 Just to give you a sense of the correlation, the correlation is about .5. 只是为了让你对其中的关联性有个基本概念,它们之间大概只有50%关联。 What that means is if you met somebody, 意思是当你见到某个人时, and you were told, "Oh his father is six feet tall," 你被告知他的爸爸有六尺高, how much would you know about his height? 你能知道这个人有多高么? Well, you would know something about his height, but there's a lot of uncertainty. 好吧,你可能有个基本概念,但非常不确定。 You have that much uncertainty. 你无法下判定。 If I tell you that somebody ranked their life eight on a scale of ten, 若我说有人给自己的生活质量打分,他打8/10分, you have a lot of uncertainty about how happy they are with their experiencing self. 你也不能把握他们的经验自我有多么快乐。 So the correlation is low. 所以关联性很低。 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20171110/509903.html