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外貌与勤奋 Appearance and Deligence

Before the Rio Olympic Games came, the media reported some players that caught people’s attention. There is no doubt that these players have beautiful faces, which helps them win the attention. But the more important thing is that they are not only talented, but also work very hard. The chance to take part in the Olympic Games means the players are excellent and they have stood out in their countries. If they win the golden medal in the Olympic Games, they will gain great fame and money around the world. The beautiful face brings players the market potential, which means they will be famous easily, but on the condition that they are the top players. Mariah Sharapova is the best example. She is beautiful and top tennis player all the time. So ability decides our position on the society.  里约奥运会到来之前,媒体报道了一些吸引人们注意力的球员。毫无疑问,这些球员拥有美丽的面孔帮他们赢得关注,但更重要的是,他们不仅才华横溢,而且训练非常勤奋。有机会参加奥运会的球员都是非常优秀的,意味着在自己的国家是脱颖而出的。如果他们在奥运会赢得金奖,他们将获得巨大的名声和金钱。漂亮的脸蛋可以给球员带来市场潜力,这意味着他们会比较容易出名,但前提条件是他们得是顶级球员。玛丽亚·莎拉波娃就是最好的例子,她长得漂亮,也是顶级的网球运动员。所以,能力决定着我们的社会地位。 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20171109/Appearance-and-Deligence.html