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And if you would choose a different vacation, 如果你选了个不同的假期, there is a conflict between your two selves, 你的两个自我之间将会产生冲突, and you need to think about how to adjudicate that conflict, 你得想法来裁决这场冲突, and it's actually not at all obvious, because if you think in terms of time, 这并不怎么容易,因为假若你仅考虑时间 then you get one answer, and if you think in terms of memories, you might get another answer. 你会得到一个答案。但若仅考虑记忆,你会得到另外一个答案。 Why do we pick the vacations we do is a problem that confronts us with a choice between the two selves. 我们为什么要选此而非彼,这个困扰我们的问题是需要在两个自我之间作出选择。 Now, the two selves bring up two notions of happiness. 现在,两个自我带来对快乐的两种不同见解。 There are really two concepts of happiness that we can apply, one per self. 这两种对快乐的见解分别对应了两个自我。 So you can ask: How happy is the experiencing self? 因此你会问:“经验自我是有多快乐?” And then you would ask: How happy are the moments in the experiencing self's life? 接着你会问:“经验自我的每一刻有多快乐?” And they're all -- happiness for moments is a fairly complicated process. 这些快乐时刻的组成过程是异常复杂的。 What are the emotions that can be measured? 情感该如何测量? And, by the way, now we are capable of getting a pretty good idea 顺带一提,我们现在对于经验自我会随着时间而感受快乐 of the happiness of the experiencing self over time. 已经有了一个粗浅的概念了。 If you ask for the happiness of the remembering self, it's a completely different thing. 而记忆自我所指的快乐则是完全两码事。 This is not about how happily a person lives. 这并不是一个人生活多快乐的问题。 It is about how satisfied or pleased the person is when that person thinks about her life. Very different notion. 而是它对自己的人生有多满意和多喜欢的问题。迥然不同的见解。 Anyone who doesn't distinguish those notions is going to mess up the study of happiness, 若不能分辨这两种见解就无法参透快乐这门学问, and I belong to a crowd of students of well-being, 我和其他活得好的学生一样, who've been messing up the study of happiness for a long time in precisely this way. 一直以来都研究不透快乐,就是因为这个原因。 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20171109/509613.html