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I mean, how much do we consume our memories? 我们使用了多少的记忆? That is one of the explanations that is given for the dominance of the remembering self. 这可以解释记忆自我为何能成为主导的自我。 And when I think about that, I think about a vacation we had in Antarctica a few years ago, 这让我想起一次假期,几年前在南极度过的假期, which was clearly the best vacation I've ever had, 这可以说是我最棒的一个假期, and I think of it relatively often, relative to how much I think of other vacations. 与其它假期相比,我常常会想起这个假期。 And I probably have consumed my memories of that three-week trip, I would say, 这趟旅程大概让我用掉了三周的记忆量, for about 25 minutes in the last four years. 大概仅在过去四年中占了约25分钟。 Now, if I had ever opened the folder with the 600 pictures in it, I would have spent another hour. 现在,如我打开资料夹,里面大概有600张相片,我可能要花一个小时来回忆。 Now, that is three weeks, and that is at most an hour and a half. 三周的旅程最多只用一个半小时来回忆。 There seems to be a discrepancy. 这似乎不成比例啊。 Now, I may be a bit extreme, you know, in how little appetite I have for consuming memories, 这让我有点不满,因为我记得真是太少了, but even if you do more of this, there is a genuine question: 不过就算你记得再多,这里也会有个实际的问题。 Why do we put so much weight on memory relative to the weight that we put on experiences? 为什么我们用来记忆比依赖经验还多? So I want you to think about a thought experiment. 所以我希望你能思考一个有关思考的实验。 Imagine that for your next vacation, 假使你的下一个假期, you know that at the end of the vacation all your pictures will be destroyed, 当你知道假期结束后假期中所有的相片将被销毁时, and you'll get an amnesic drug so that you won't remember anything. 而你也会吞下一颗遗忘药以使你遗忘一切。 Now, would you choose the same vacation? 这样,你还会想过同样的假期么? 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20171109/509612.html