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涤荡心灵英语诗歌 第70期:不要说,努力终是脱空

Day 70 第70天 Say Not, the Struggle Naught Availeth 不要说,努力终是脱空 Arthur Hugh Clough 亚瑟·休·克勒夫 Say not the struggle naught availeth, The labour and the wounds are vain, 不要说奋斗终是徒劳, 辛劳和创伤白费无功, The enemy faints not, nor faileth, 敌人未衰竭也未打倒, And as things have been they remain. 事物如旧而毫无变动。 If hopes were dupes, fears may be liars; It may be, in yon smoke conceal'd, 盼望易上当,恐慌却善欺, Your comrades chase e'en now the fliers, And, but for you, possess the field 若不是为了你,在远处烟雾中 战友们也许已在追击逃敌,兴许已经把战场占据。 For while the tired waves, vainly breaking, Seem here no painful inch to gain, 因为当疲惫的波浪徒然冲洗,仿佛再攻不下惨痛的一寸土 在彼方, Far back, through creeks and inlets making, Comes silent, flooding in, the main. 通过港湾和河汊, 大海的满潮已静静进入。 And not by eastern windows only, When daylight comes, comes in the light; 每当白天来到世间, 光芒不仅仅射进东窗, In front the sun climbs slow, how slowly! But westward, look, the land is bright! 在正面,太阳攀缘迟缓, 但向西看吧,大地已被照亮。 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20171109/509581.html