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小女孩成长记 The Girl's Grown Up

The movie Harry Portter is favored by the people all around the world and the novels are read by fans. Though the movie has ended, the three main protagonists are remembered all the time. Emma Watson is one of the main protagonists. She plays the role very well and she never gives up her study, which sets the great example to the young people. After the end of the movie, Emma goes to the top university, though she continues her acting career, she still focuses on her study. When she graduates, she works on promoting the equality between men and women. She becomes the spokesman of feminism and she gives the inspiring speech He For Her. Everybody gives high praise to this girl. She’s grown up and becomes a strong woman. Her speech is supported by the public.   电影《哈里波特》受到了来自世界各地的人的喜爱。小说也得到很多粉丝的追捧,虽然这部电影已经结束,但是三名主人公却一直被人们记得。艾玛·沃森是主要的演员之一,她不仅把角色扮演得很好,还从来没放弃过学习,给年轻人树立了很好的榜样。拍完电影后,艾玛去上了一所顶尖的大学。虽然她继续她的演员生涯,但是她仍旧集中精力在学习上。毕业后,她致力于促进男女平等。她成为女权主义的发言人,她发表了激动人心的演讲《他为了她》。每个人都高度赞扬了这个女孩。她长大了,变成了坚强的女性。她的言论得到了公众的支持。 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20171108/The-Girls-Grown-Up.html