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And in this way, time is actually the CRItical variable 因此时间是区分 that distinguishes a remembering self from an experiencing self; 记忆自我和经验自我的关键因素。 time has very little impact on the story. 时间对这个故事的影响不大。 Now, the remembering self does more than remember and tell stories. 记忆自我所做的不仅是记忆和讲述故事。 It is actually the one that makes decisions because, if you have a patient who has had, say, 它也是真正做决定的因素,因为,假若你的病人已经历 two colonoscopies with two different surgeons and is deciding which of them to choose, 过两位不同的外科医生来做胃肠镜检查,而现在决定从他们中选一位来再做检查时, then the one that chooses is the one that has the memory that is less bad, 病人选的将会是记忆中感觉比较好的那位, and that's the surgeon that will be chosen. 这就是如何选定医生的。 The experiencing self has no voice in this choice. 经验自我在做选择是则无从置喙。 We actually don't choose between experiences, we choose between memories of experiences. 事实上,我们不会在两段经验中做选择。我们是在两种不同经验的记忆中做出选择。 And even when we think about the future, we don't think of our future normally as experiences. 而且当我们设想未来时,一般我们不会以经验的形式去思考。 We think of our future as anticipated memories. 我们把未来以预想的记忆形式呈现。 And basically you can look at this, you know, as a tyranny of the remembering self, 大体上你可以看到,记忆自我是专制的, and you can think of the remembering self sort of dragging the experiencing self 你可以想象记忆自我在拽着经验自我, through experiences that the experiencing self doesn't need. 他是通过经验自我不要的经验来拽着经验自我的。 I have that sense that when we go on vacations 我有个想法,当我们放假时 this is very frequently the case; that is, we go on vacations, 往往之所以放假, to a very large extent, in the service of our remembering self. 有很大一部分是为了记忆自我。 And this is a bit hard to justify I think. 我想这有点难来辩证。 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20171108/509320.html