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我们应不应该出国留学 Should We Go Abroad for Study or Not?

After the college entrance examination or college graduation, some students will choose to go abroad to for further study. For this behavior, some people support it and some against it. In fact, going abroad not only needs a lot of money but also requires the students have a good foundation of English. If the students have the condition to study abroad, I suggest they choose to go. After all, knowledge is no boundary and the more they learn the better they will be. But the students who are not having those conditions, I don’t think they should go abroad, because the stress for them is too large. No matter domain education or abroad education can educate them well. Besides, maybe they still need to consider their own character situation. In a word, whether a person should go abroad or not depends on their own situation. 高考后或者大学毕业后,有一部分学生会选择去留学。对于这一行为,有些人持肯定态度,有些则持否定态度。实际上,出国留学不仅仅需要大量的金钱,还需要学生具有良好的英语基础。如果学生符合这些条件,我建议他们出国留学。毕竟,知识是无国界的,而且学到的越多越好。但是,如果不符合这些条件的学生,我则不建议出国留学,因为这对他们来说压力太大了。不管是国内还是国外的教育都可以把他们教得很好,此外,他们也许还要考虑到自身性格这一点。总之,出不出国留学应该根据每个人自己的情况而定。 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20171107/Should-We-Go-Abroad-for-Study-or-Not.html