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368. They also carry out research work aimed at extending man's knowledge of these subjects. 英语四级译文: 他们也会开展旨在扩充人类对这些学科的知识的研究工作。 四级词汇讲解: carry out意为“实行,进行”。如: You should carry out that plan as soon as possible.你应该尽快实施那项计划。 They carried out the commander's instructions to the letter.他们不折不扣地执行了指挥官的指示。 aimed at意为“目的是,旨在”。如: The measures were aimed at preventing CRImes.这些措施旨在预防犯罪。 extend此处意为“扩充,扩大范围”。如: The company plans to extend its operations into Africa。公司计划将业务扩展到非洲。 英语四级考点归纳: 有关carry的动词短语常见的还有: ※ carry on意为“继续做,坚持”。如: Carry on, everyone! 大家坚持住! They carried on dancing as if nothing was happening.他们继续跳舞,就好像什么事都没发生一样。 ※ carry over意为“继续存在,留后使用”。如: Vacation time can be carried over into next month.假期可以延至下个月。 ※ carry through意为“实现,完成;使渡过难关”。如: He's determined to carry that through.他决意完成那件事。 Your support carried me through.是你的支持让我渡过了难关。 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20171105/508555.html