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危机意识 The Sense of Crisis

Sense of CRIsis means when you are in a comfortable situation and can’t feel anything bad would happen, but you have to have the feeling that the comfortable situation would not last forever and you need to make preparation in advance. Do not ignore it. It is very important and necessary. It is common that people are easy to get lost and get used to while they are in a comfortable situation for a long time. When something happens, they will lose their head. It will be hard for them to deal with. For example, Lucy is very good at English. With the talent in English, she only need to put a little attention on that subject, she can get be the No. 1. Then she is very proud and never work hard on that subject. However, she finds that she is not in the first place for a long time, and several classmates have done better than her. The result of her is because she does not have the sense of CRIsis. 危机意识指的是当你处于舒适区时会意识不到将来可能会发生的不好的境况。可是你得有这样的意识舒适期不会永远都存在的,你得提前做好准备。不要把这一点忽视掉。这是非常重要也是很有必要的。通常大家都很容易在舒适区迷失自我或者习以为常。发生一些事情时,就会显得手足无措。处理起来会有一定的困难。例如:露西非常擅长英语。由于她在这方面的天资,她基本不用花什么时间在英语上就能成为班里的第一名。对此她非常的自豪,也就不怎么花心思在这上面。结果她发现自己已被多人超过,再也不是第一名了。露西的情况就是因为她没有危机意识。 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20171104/The-Sense-of-Crisis.html