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Adelie penguins in a hurry. The clock is ticking. 阿德利企鹅行色匆匆。时钟滴嗒,时光飞逝。 Instead of waiting for the summer melt, the new arrivals hasten south over the frozen sea. 还没等到夏季解冻期的来临,这些鸟儿就急急忙忙从冰封的海洋赶到南极。 They have come here to breed, but polar summers are so short, 它们来这里繁衍,但是极地的夏天是非常短暂的, they must be in position before the thaw starts. 企鹅们必须赶在解冻期结束前做好就位的准备。 As the sea ice retreats, life can journey farther south. 当海冰的面积缩小的时候,动物便能长驱直入来到南极的腹地。 Antarctic waters are so rich that visitors come from far and wide to harvest them. 南极富饶的海水吸引着千里之外的客人来觅食。 Vast numbers of chinstrap penguins come ashore to breed. 颊带企鹅成群结队地来到这里的岸边繁衍生息。 No bird will lay their eggs directly onto ice, so bare rock is a vital commodity. 企鹅不会把蛋直接下在冰面上,于是裸岩就成了最重要的繁殖地。 The best patches are worth the climb. 爬上最好的地方就算辛苦也是值得的 The cliff tops are soon stained pink with the droppings of tens of thousands of nesting penguins. 数以万计的企鹅在此筑巢,它们的粪便使山顶看起来一片粉红。 Only in a land almost entirely covered in ice could bare rock be reckoned an oasis. 只有在几乎完全被冰覆盖的陆地上,裸岩才会被当作一块宝地。 Some will travel into the heart of the continent to find it. 为了找到裸岩一些企鹅会一直深入到南极中心。 These are nunataks, the exposed peaks of vast mountain ranges buried in ice over a mile deep. 这些“冰原岛峰”下面是深埋在深达一英里的冰层里的庞大山脉。 The eerie silence here is only broken in spring. 这里静得可怕,只有到春天才会热闹起来。 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20171104/508169.html