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美妙的夏天 The Amazing Summer

Last summer, my friend asked me to go to his hometown to spend the summer vacation. I asked my parents for permission and they said yes. When I got to his place, I was so surprised because there was a beach near his house. It was so beautiful, many kids played there. The water was so blue under the sunshine. It was so fun to swim in the water. In the morning, I woke up early and took a walk along the beach, and I could hear the sea water’s coming voice. I saw a lot of people traveled here and took pictures. In the evening, when the sun was down, we played the games and sometimes we swam. It was such a good memory for me. I liked the leisure lifestyle. When summer comes, I will always think of the happy days in the beach.  去年夏天,我的朋友邀请我去他的家乡过暑假。我问父母的意见,得到了他们的同意了。当我到达朋友的地方时,我很惊讶,因为他家附近有海滩。非常美丽,很多小孩在玩耍。阳光下的水很蓝。在水里游泳非常的有趣。第二天早上,我醒得早,沿着海滩散步,可以听到海水的声音。我看到很多人来这里旅游、拍照片。傍晚,太阳下山后,我们玩游戏,有时候游泳。这对我来说是一段美好的记忆,我喜欢这种休闲的生活方式。当夏天来临的时候,我总是会想到海边快乐的日子。 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20171101/The-Amazing-Summer.html