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实习生 第42期:本鼓励朱尔斯

Hey! Hi. Wait, you live here? Yeah, Ben's been putting me up until I can find a place.Oh, should I let him know that you're here? That's okay. I'll ring. Okay. Fiona?! Jules!Come on in. I'm just on my way to work. Ben's right in here. I'll let you two talk. See you. Mm-Hmm. Hi. Wow.You and Fiona, huh? Who knew. She's a great gal. She surprised me last night. She brought over dinner.It's brand-New. Congratulations. I love her. Yeah. So, I was ready kind of early this morning, since about 4:00,and Matt and Paige left an hour ago for a field trip so I thought I'd come by. I hope that's okay. Yeah. I just wanted to say...I slept on it. I haven't called Townsend yet, but...I still feel like it's the right thing to do. Well...I didn't sleep so well myself. Over this? You remember the day I drove you to the warehouse? You were giving me the wrong directions and all that? Yeah. I remember. Okay, well, I stood in the back,and I watched you show the workers how to fold and box the clothes. I knew then that was why ATF was a success. No one else is ever gonna have that kind of commitment to your company, Jules. To me, it's pretty simple. About the fit needs you, and if you don't mind me saying,you need it. Someone may come in with more experience than you,but they're never gonna know what you know. I never had anything like this in my life.Not many people do. This big, beautiful, exciting thing that you created.It's a dream, isn't it? And you're gonna give that up in the hopes that your husband will stop having an affair? I don't see how that adds up. You should feel nothing but great about what you've done. And I'd hate to see you let anyone take that away from you. I guess you came over here because you wanted to hear some of this. Yes.And maybe also because you're my...intern.. Well, I was gonna say intern/best friend. But there's no need to get all sentimental about it even though we could potentially be buried together. Can't get closer than that. It's moments like this when you need someone you know you can count on.So thank you. I like your house so much by the way. Thanks. So? Shall we? Okay. 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/201711/508513.html