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实习生 第40期:朱尔斯的哭诉

Clearly you don't think that's a possible thing. It... It would be unusual. I get that.I get not everybody could do that, but...everybody's not us. I have faith in us because...I believe he still loves me. And, you know, we've been going through so much that...god, I wish your expressions weren't so transparent. Some couples do survive these things, you know.I googled it..."Staying together after the affair."And a lot of couples, I mean, a lot stay together. And anyway, there is something to be said About moving through it And focusing on us and not on the affair. I don't want to give up on him. I know him, and I know he knows better. But I am only human,And I am so mad at him. You know, so much has happened to us so fast. I think...Part of me was even expecting this. Like, you know, he was the more successful one When we started out. No, I didn't know that. Yeah, he was. He was a rising star. And he bowed out so that I could do this. He was amazing.It was all his idea. I'm sure that's why I'm even considering This whole CEO thing,Thinking maybe someone else coming in Will help me get my life back on track. Okay, that... That's it. I hate to be the feminist here, between the two of us,But you should be able to have a huge career and be who you are Without having to accept that your husband is having an affair As some kind of payback. Right on. I mean it. Me, too. But such is life, my friend. No, it isn't. Not always. And I'm not so sure I'd be so forgiving. I am not so forgiving.I'm saying that I could potentially be forgiving. But don't think that I don't feel what's going on here.It's crushing. And when I think of Paige... oh, don't. Also, if we got divorced, he'd remarry. Maybe not to this girl, but someone. And we both know I'm not easy. So I could be, like, single forever, which means that...forgive me, but this does Keep me up in the middle of the night.Oh. What? That I don't want to be buried alone. Paige'll be with her husband,And Matt'll be with his new family,And I will be buried with strangers. I will buried in the strangers singles section of the cemetery. Not that that is a reason to stay together. But it's just, you know, a scary sidebar. Let's take that one off your plate right now.You can be buried with me and Molly.I happen to have space, okay? Oh.Thank you so much. That is...and to think I didn't even want to hire you. The one time I don't have my hanky. You want to...watch TV?Just for a few minutes? Yeah, sure, I would. 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/201711/508218.html