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We knew that beyond the border of our Eden men were making history by the sweat of their brows when they might better make a holiday. But we little heeded these things. These things would pass away; here were lakes and woods and broad daisy-starred fields and sweet-breathed meadows, and they shall endure forever. 我们还知道,在我们的伊甸园边界之外,人类正在挥汗如雨创造着历史,虽然他们本可以给自己放个假。但是我们很少留意到这些事情,早晚有一天,世事会像过眼云烟般在我们眼前匆匆消逝;而此处的湖泊和林木,遍布雏菊的旷野和气味清新的草地,则延续着其永恒的生命。 People who think that all sensations reach us through the eye and the ear have expressed surprise that I should notice any difference, except possibly the absence of pavements, between walking in city streets and in country roads. They forget that my whole body is alive to the conditions about me. The rumble and roar of the city smite the nerves of my face, and I feel the ceaseless tramp of an unseen multitude, and the dissonant tumult frets my spirit. The grinding of heavy wagons on hard pavements and the monotonous clangour of machinery are all the more torturing to the nerves if one's attention is not diverted by the panorama that is always present in the noisy streets to people who can see. 人们都对我的鉴别视觉和听觉范畴事物的能力备感惊讶,除了能够发现人行道的断裂缺失,我还能辨别出城市行走和乡村漫步之间的差别。人们或许忘记了,我的整个身体都在实时感受着周围的环境,城市的嘈杂和低沉的隆隆声常常会撞击着我的面部神经,我可以感觉到看不见的人群踏着永无止息的沉重脚步,刺耳的喧嚣一点点地侵蚀着宁静的心灵。沉重的车轮在坚硬的路面上隆隆碾过,机器发出乏味的铿锵声。对于那些耳目俱全,常年在城市中穿梭往来的人而言,假如不是因为骚动的街道和纷乱的景象转移了他们的注意力,我想,他们一定会被这种单调的噪音逼疯的。 In the country one sees only Nature's fair works, and one's soul is not saddened by the cruel struggle for mere existence that goes on in the crowded city. Several times I have visited the narrow, dirty streets where the poor live, and I grow hot and indignant to think that good people should be content to live in fine houses and become strong and beautiful, while others are condemned to live in hideous, sunless tenements and grow ugly, withered and CRInging. The children who crowd these grimy alleys, half-clad and underfed, shrink away from your outstretched hand as if from a blow. 但是在乡间,你所看到的只有大自然的杰作。在拥挤不堪的城市中,你会为了起码的生存而展开残酷的竞争,而在这里,你郁郁寡欢的心境会荡然无存。我曾好几次参观过穷人聚居的狭窄、肮脏的街道。社会现实不问是非,那些居住在豪宅里的上等人当然会心满意足,他们是些强大而衣冠楚楚的人物;而那些贫民则在破败阴暗的公寓里苟且偷生。每每想到这些,我就难以抑制心中的激愤之情。小孩子们全都挤在这些污秽不堪的巷子里,他们衣不蔽体,食不果腹;在你向他们伸出双手时,他们怯懦地闪退一旁,如同被一阵风吹散。 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20171031/507095.html