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营养健康与癌症预防 第190期:素食主义(03)

In addition to the suggestions on the previous slide 除了前一张幻灯片上的建议 be sure your food choices and cooking methods are not going to sabotage your healthy diet. 还要确保你的食物选择和烹饪方法不破坏健康饮食, Frying vegetables in oil will add saturated fat and calories. 油炸蔬菜会增加饱和脂肪和热量 Vegetables are most healthy when eaten raw, steamed, 蔬菜最健康的吃法是生吃或者不加盐,糖或油, roasted or boiled for a very short period of time without the addition of salt, sugar and oil. 稍微蒸,烤或者煮一下, Sauteing vegetables can also be a healthy cooking method 煎蔬菜也可以是健康的烹饪方法, but limit the amount of oil you use and choose olive or canola oil. 但是要少用油,并且使用橄榄油或菜油, Adding sugar and butter will also add saturated fat and calories to any cooked food. 烹饪食物时加糖或者黄油也会增加其饱和脂肪和热量值 Try microwaving your apples with cinnamon for a healthy treat. 可以用微波炉烘烤苹果和肉桂,这是很健康的吃法, Be sure to choose beans that do not have added salt when making your choices in the grocery store. 在杂货店买大豆时要选择没有加盐的 Choose canned beans that are canned in water without any added salt. 选那些浸在水中不加盐的罐装大豆, You should also limit the saturated fat such as butter as a topping to whole grain breads. 吃全谷物面包时,少涂黄油等饱和脂肪 A better choice is to dip whole grain bread in balsamic vinegar for a tasty addition. 更好的办法是用全谷物面包,蘸香油醋使其更美味 Choose whole grain breads and cereals with lots of fiber and low in saturated fat. 选择富含纤维素,饱和脂肪含量低的全谷物面包和燕麦, Be aware of nuts and seeds that are salted or coated in sugar. 不要吃加盐或者有糖衣的坚果和种子, While nuts and seeds are a healthy choice choosing low salt or non-sugared varieties are your best choices. 虽然坚果和种子是健康的选择,选择低盐的和没加糖的种类才是最健康的, While dairy products are also healthy food choices 奶制品也是健康的食品, you should be sure to choose one percent or skim milk products along with low fat or non-fat yoghurts and low fat cheeses. 但是要选择脂肪含量低于1%的或者脱脂奶制品,低脂或脱脂酸奶以及低脂起司 Whole fat dairy products are both high in fat and high in calories. 全脂奶制品和脂肪和热量值都很高 While following a vegetarian diet can be a very healthy way to eat 尽管素食者饮食是健康的饮食方式, you should be sure to eat a wide variety of foods to ensure you are meeting all your protein, vitamin and mineral needs. 得确保吃各种种类的食物来满足身体对蛋白质,维生素和矿物质的需求 Since a vegetarian diet excludes meat one of the most important considerations is to be sure you meet your protein needs. 由于素食者饮食不包括肉,一个关键问题就是要满足身体对蛋白质的需求 Eating bean, legumes, nuts, seeds, low-fat dairy products and eggs are all excellent sources of protein. 大豆,豆类,坚果,种子,低脂奶制品和蛋都是优良的蛋白质来源 We will talk more about protein needs in the next slide. 下一张幻灯片会讲更多关于蛋白质需求的内容, 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20171031/507008.html