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Well, it used to be fun. 嗯,过去学校很有趣。 It used to be about fun and recess, now we’re just running across the school to get to fourth period. We used to go home and see our families but now it’s being in a dorm with some random doofus who steals your food. 学校过去很有趣,有休息,现在我们得跑着穿过整个学校去上第四节课。我们过去能回家见家人,但现在只能和一群随机分到一块的偷你东西吃的蠢货共处一室。 It used to be about easy assignments and times tables, now it’s calculus and boring lectures. We used to enjoy school and have fun cliques. Now it’s just freaking drama at every corner. We all get bored because we are overwhelmed with homework along with very high expectations and frankly, I don’t think it will ever be the same. 过去学校的作业很容易,时间安排得很好。但现在学的都是微积分,还有无聊的课。我们过去很喜欢学校,拉帮结派过得很开心,但现在各个角落都是该死的勾心斗角。我们现在很烦,因为快被作业压垮了,还要承受着很高的期待。坦白说,我觉着再也回不到从前了。 Students getting bored in a School! There are many reasons but we can’t say a single definition for this. 学生在学校很无聊!原因有很多,我们不能片面强调某个原因。 The way of teaching: Sometimes teachers are teaching in a way like they just want to finish their syllabus of subject. They ask one or two questions to students and they proceed further. This is not for all teachers, few teachers believe that how we teach to students, their future is depends on that only. After our parents teachers will be second Parents, whatever they will teach to students they will believe it blindly. 教学方法:有时老师的教学方法好像只是为了完成教学进度。他们问学生一两个问题,然后就继续讲课。并非所有老师都这样,还有极少数老师认为他们的教学方法是决定学生未来的唯一因素。老师是仅次于父母的“第二父母”,无论老师教什么,学生都会盲目地相信。 Now most important thing is nowadays few parents give lots of freedom to their children and children always playing games, watching cartoons. Due to this they became habitual to watch something interesting and colorful things. 现在非常重要的一件事就是,目前很少有父母给孩子很多自由,孩子都玩游戏、看动画片,导致孩子习惯了看有趣的五颜六色的东西。 In schools they should take a curriculum activities as per the age group of students. Teach them in a way of Story and showing them videos. Through videos and images students can learn easily. There are many ways and techniques of teaching which teachers can implement. 在学校里,学生应该按年龄分组参加课外活动,用故事的形式教学并给他们看视频。通过视频和图片学生能学得很容易,老师能采用的方法和教学技巧有很多。 Two out of three students in school tell that they get bored in school. The mere reason for this can’t be that they are more attracted to video games, text-messages or internet. The main reason for this are : 学校里三分之二的学生说他们在学校很无聊,并非是因为他们对电子游戏、短信或上网更感兴趣,主要是因为: 1.Students are not having enough interaction with the teachers. 1.学生和老师之间没有足够的互动。 2.Material being taught in school is not interesting. 2.学校教的东西没意思。 Schools need to understand this and adopt a new approach to teach. 学校需要理解学生,并采用新的教学方法。 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20171027/505776.html