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1.They Dress Well - I’m not someone to judge someone for a brand they wear, but I do take notice of a guy or gal who consistently looks fly. My dad used to tell me to dress for the job I desire, not the job I have. I think that applies here. 1.穿着得体——我并非靠衣服的牌子看人,但的确会特别注意总是穿着时髦的男孩女孩。我爸爸过去告诉我:穿衣服,是为了得到你想得到的工作,而不是为现有的工作穿的,我觉得很有道理。 2.They’re in Good Shape - It’s really difficult to hit the gym or go for a run following a long day at work. That’s why I have profound respect for individuals who are disciplined and keep themselves in great shape. 2.身材好——一天长时间的工作之后很难再坚持去健身房或跑步,这就是为什么我十分尊重自律而且身材保持得好的人。 3.They Smile/Greet Strangers - Strangers can quickly become acquaintances, friends and potentially even more. I respect people who go out of their way to acknowledge strangers in a positive manner! 3.微笑/跟陌生人打招呼——陌生人很快就能变成熟人、朋友,甚至关系还能更进一步。我尊重那些不嫌麻烦、积极认识陌生人的人。 4.They’re Honest - I have profound respect for those people who I can tell something to and trust that they won’t pass that information on without my consent. 4.诚实——我特别尊重那些我能跟他们说些事、而且确定他们不会未经我允许就到处乱说的人。 5.They Work Their Tail Off - There are people with super high motors that seem to constantly be driven to achieve something new. These individuals receive tremendous respect from me. 5.拼命工作——有些人像打了鸡血一样,好像不断被驱使着取得新的成就,这些人受到我极大的尊重。 6.They Pay it Forward - I respect those who have been blessed financially and contribute a good portion of their wealth back into society. 6.传递爱——我尊重那些运气好、很有钱、而且还会把一部分财富回馈给社会的人。 7.The Way They Treat Their Significant Other -When I see an older gentleman hold the door for his wife or pull out the chair for her when sitting down, it warms my heart and I immediately respect him on a whole new level. 7.对待爱人的方式——当我看到一位老先生为妻子开着门,或落座时为她拉出椅子,我的心感觉很温暖,对他的敬意立刻加深了一层。 8.The Professional Position They Hold - If I meet the General Manager of the Houston Astros, I’m going to have respect for him because I’ve got a hunch of everything he’s gone through to get to where he’s at today. 8.所在职位——如果我见到休斯顿太空人队的总经理,我会很尊重他,因为我能感觉到他经历了很多才到了今天的位置。 9.They Say Something Unpopular Because it Needs to be Said - I’m sure many of you have that friend or family member that never hesitates to say something, despite the awkwardness. I love these people. 9.必要时会说不受欢迎的话——我确定很多人都有这样的朋友或家人,他们心直口快,即使有时难免尴尬,但我喜欢这样的人。 10.The way they treat service staff - So many people treat service industry workers like lesser humans. As if what they do is meaningless and mindless. And that could not be further from the truth. We all should be cognizant of the way we treat the lady working the cash register or the young man bagging our groceries…because it says a lot more about who we are than who they are! 10.对待服务员的态度——很多人觉得服务行业的人低人一等,好像他们所做的都是无意义的不用动脑的工作,这种态度真是大错特错。我们都应该注意自己对待收银台的女士、或者帮我们把东西装袋的年轻小伙的态度,因为我们的态度并非是在体现他们的人品,而是在很大程度上说明了我们自己是什么样的人。 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20171027/505775.html