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That's why Dane's not alone. From technology start-ups like Buffer, to the tens of thousands of employees at Whole Foods, 这就是为什么像戴恩一样的人越来越多。从类似Buffer的初创科技公司,到Whole Foods这样的数万人的大公司, where not only is your salary available for everyone to see, 不但大家的薪资都透明化, but the performance data for the store and for your department is available on the company intranet for all to see. 而且每个分店、每个部门的绩效数据也在公司内网对所有人公开。 Now, pay transparency takes a lot of forms. It's not one size fits all. 实际上,薪资透明有很多方式,并不是一成不变的。 Some post their salaries for all to see. Some only keep it inside the company. 有的公司把薪资向所有人公开。有的只是在公司内部公开, Some post the formula for calculating pay, and others post the pay levels and affix everybody to that level. 有的公开薪资的计算公式,有的公开他们的薪资级别,并且公开员工对应的级别。 So you don't have to make signs for all of your employees to wear around the office. 所以你不用为每个员工做个工资牌挂在身上。 And you don't have to be the only one wearing a sign that you made at home. 你也不用像三位作家一样自己做个工资牌挂在身上。 But we can all take greater steps towards pay transparency. 但我们可以一起努力,推进薪资透明化。 For those of you that have the authority to move forward towards transparency: it's time to move forward. 如果你有权利在公司里推进工资透明化:现在是你向前迈进的时候了。 And for those of you that don't have that authority: it's time to stand up for your right to. 如果你没有这样的权利,现在就是站起来争取这个权利的时候。 So how much do you get paid? And how does that compare to the people you work with? 那么,你的工资是多少呢?和你的同事相比怎么样? You should know. And so should they. Thank you. 你应该知道。他们也应该知道。谢谢。 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20171023/504493.html