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If we really want to close the gender wage gap, maybe we should start by opening up the payroll. 如果我们真的想消除性别薪资差距,可能需要从公开工资单开始。 If this is what total market failure looks like, then openness remains the only way to ensure fairness. 如果市场失灵就是这个样子,那公开透明仍是保证公平的唯一方法。 Now, I realize that letting people know what you make might feel uncomfortable, 我知道公开收入,可能让人不舒服, but isn't it less uncomfortable than always wondering if you're being disCRIminated against, 但总是怀疑自己被歧视, or if your wife or your daughter or your sister is being paid unfairly? 或者家里的女性被不公平的压低薪水不是更让人郁闷吗? Openness remains the best way to ensure fairness, and pay transparency does that. 公开是保证公平的最好手段,薪资透明就是一种。 That's why entrepreneurial leaders and corporate leaders have been experimenting with sharing salaries for years. Like Dane Atkinson. 这就是这些年企业家和创业者们尝试公开薪资的原因,比如戴恩·阿特金森。 Dane is a serial entrepreneur who started many companies in a pay secrecy condition 戴恩是位连续创业者,他在创建前几个公司时使用了薪资保密制度, and even used that condition to pay two equally qualified people dramatically different salaries, 甚至会给两个能力相同的员工支付截然不同的薪水, depending on how well they could negotiate. And Dane saw the strife that happened as a result of this. 仅仅因为他们谈薪水的能力不同。戴恩发现这导致了冲突。 So when he started his newest company, SumAll, he committed to salary transparency from the beginning. 所以当他创办新公司SumAll时,他从一开始就实施了透明薪资制度。 And the results have been amazing. And in study after study, 然而效果出乎意料的好。在一个个的研究中, when people know how they're being paid and how that pay compares to their peers', 当人们知道他们的收入和同事相比处于什么水平, they're more likely to work hard to improve their performance, more likely to be engaged, and they're less likely to quit. 他们会加倍努力工作,提高绩效,更容易被动员,更不容易辞职。 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20171023/504492.html