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Thank you for your question Martin – it's a really interesting question, and I'm afraid there's no simple answer to this one. 感谢你的问题,Martin。这个问题很有趣呢,但是我恐怕得说,它的答案不是那么简单呢。 Because basically either form is correct. 因为大体上来说,它们的词形都是正确的。 I learned – ed – or I learnt to drive a truck in the army. Either one is correct. I learned,ed形,或者I leart to drive a truck in the army,t形,这两个都是正确的。 But how can this be? 但是这到底是什么原因呢? Well, the ed form of the past tense is the regular form - I learned to drive a truck – I learned to cook – and very many past tenses end in this “ed”. 嗯,ed形式是lear的过去式常见的一种写法:I learned to drive a truck;I learned cook。很多单词的过去式都是加ed。 And you will find there is a tendency for verbs to become more regular as time goes on. This is a feature of language change. 并且你会发现随着时间的推移,动词的变形越来越有规律可循。这是语言变化中的一种特征。 Originally, in British English, everyone would have spelt the past tense of learn with T – I learnt to drive, I learnt to cook, but you'll find more and more people in the UK now using the ed ending. 最初,在英式英语中,每个人用到动词过去式的时候都会用t结尾:I learnt to drive; I leart to cook;但是你会在英国发现越来越多的人在用以ed结尾的过去式。 The same is true of verbs such as spell – as in I spelt it incorrectly – with a T at the end. 在拼写方面也是一样的,如I spelt it incorrectly中的以t结尾的spelt。 But now you'll find more and more people using - I spelled it incorrectly – with an ed at the end. 但是现在你会发现越来越多的人在使用ed结尾的过去式,如:I spelled it incorrectly。 This is probably due to the influence of American English coming into Britain because in the US the ed is used for learn, for spell, for dream for example - I dreamed it with an ed at the end. 这也许是因为从美国传过来的英语影响了英式英语,在美国,人们一般用ed结尾的词,如lear-leared,spell-spelled,dream-dreamed: I dreamed it (dream的过去式用的是以ed结尾)。 And you'll find that this US spelling is starting to replace the original British spelling in British English. 你会发现,美式英语的这种写法正在取代英式英语原本的写法。 The main thing to remember is that both of these forms are correct. 需要记住的最主要的东西就是这两种形式都是正确的。 However, the important thing for you to do is to choose which one you would like to use, and to use that one consistently. 但是,最重的的是,大家需要选择自己想用的形式,然后坚持用。 So try to avoid mixing the ed and the t endings. 要尽量避免混淆使用ed和t这两种词尾。 Try to use just the one, but it's up to you to decide which one you want to use. 试着只用一种,但是到底用哪种全凭你自己。 I hope that helps 希望以上会对你有帮助。 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20171018/503401.html