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常听常新的英语酷词第106期:Plank! 笨蛋!

Literally, a plank is a piece of wood often used in the construction industry. 从字面上来说,plank是指经常用于建筑行业的一种木头。 There's an expression in English 'as thick as two short planks' which is a negative term for someone who's really unintelligent. 在英语中有这样的表达:'as thick as two short planks',这是一种贬义词,形容某人不太聪明。 Don't ask me why short planks might be thicker than long ones, that's just what we say. 不要问我为什么短的木板比长一些的要更厚,我们就是这么说的。 Well, we've been saying that idiots are as thick as two short planks for a long time, 我们形容某个笨蛋像“两块木板那么厚”,已经有很长一段时间了, but recently this has been shortened and now, if we think someone isn't very bright, we just called them a plank. 但是最近这种表达被简化了,现在如果我们认为某个人不是那么灵光,我们就可以直接称呼他们为plank。 We might say, 'You'll never guess what he said to her, he's such a plank!' 我们可以说:“你永远也猜不到他对她说了什么,他就是个白痴!” I like the word, it sounds right for its meaning …plank. 我喜欢这个单词,它的发音听起来和它的意思很符合。 Also it's not so rude that it would really offend anyone or get you into big trouble. 此外,这个词也不是粗鲁到真的冒犯了某人,或是给你带来大麻烦。 We've been using the association with wood in a negative sense for a long time. 长期以来,我们一直把和木头有关的表达当作贬义来使用。 A wooden actor, is a useless, unable to express emotion. 一个木头演员,是指他不会表达情感。 So if someone does something unbelievably silly, you might just quietly say to yourself 'What a plank!' 因此,如果某人做了难以置信的愚蠢的事情,你就可以悄声对自己说,'真是个蠢蛋!' 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20171016/502940.html