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常听常新的英语酷词第105期:Nearliness 功败垂成

One example of a neologism, or new word, coming into English is 'nearliness'. 英语里的“nearliness”是旧词新义或者新词的一个例子。 You might be surprised to hear that it's a new word, it sounds so right, so everyday. 听到它是个新词,你可能很惊讶。听上去它特别恰当,特别常见。 Obviously we're all familiar with near, and nearly, but nearliness is really new. 无疑,我们都熟悉near和nearly,但nearliness确实是个新词。 I first heard it in connection with British tennis players. 我第一次听到这个词的时候,是与英国网球运动员有关。 One player, Tim Henman was very good at getting to semi-finals, 一位名叫蒂姆·亨曼的网球运动员,经常能够进入半决赛, and became incredibly popular, but never won any of the most important tournaments. 并且非常受欢迎,但是却从未赢得过任何重要的锦标赛。 The theory is that, whereas the Americans really love a winner, 有这样的说法,美国人喜欢胜利者, what the British really like is someone who comes close, without ever actually doing it. 而英国人则喜欢护接近做到,但实际上没有做到的人。 This quality we can call nearliness. 这种特质我们称之为“nearliness(功败垂成)”。 Tim Henman has now retired, and the new British tennis star is Andy Murray. 蒂姆·亨曼现在已经退役了,新的英国网球明星是安迪·穆雷。 He's good – he wins – but does he have what it really takes to be popular in Britain? Does he have enough nearliness? 他很出色,经常赢得比赛,但是他有在英国变得家喻户晓的资本吗?他有足够的功败垂成的特性吗? Nearliness is an example of creating a new word by adding a suffix to an existing word, and so changing its word class. 给现有的单词加上后缀形成新词,并因此改变词性,“nearliness”就是这样的一个例子。 If we take the adverb 'nearly' and add '–ness', we create a noun. 当我们给副词“nearly”加上“-ness”的时候,我们就创造了一个名词。 So nearliness is the quality of 'being nearly there, but not quite'. 所以nearliness就是“十分接近又不完全是”的特性。 Other possessors of nearliness might include the England football team, who traditionally go out of major tournaments in the quarter-finals, 其他具备nearliness这种特性的还有:英格兰足球队,他们通常会在重大锦标赛的四分之一决赛中被淘汰; and Paula Radcliffe the marathon runner, who is always the favourite for the Olympics but never quite does it. 马拉松运动员保拉·拉德克里夫一直是奥运会冠军的热门人选,却从未获得冠军。 Lewis Hamilton the racing driver had bucketloads of nearliness after his first year in Formula 1, 赛车手刘易斯·汉密尔顿在他第一年参加F1比赛时就有“功败垂成”的特质, losing the championship in the last race of the season and finishing second. 他在该赛季的最后一站输掉比赛,屈居亚军。 He lost it all of this last year when he actually won the competition. Very un-British. 去年他输掉了前边所有比赛,却在最后赢得了冠军。非常不英式。 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20171016/502939.html