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It turns out that pay transparency -- sharing salaries openly across a company 结果表明,薪资透明--在整个公司中公开薪资数据 makes for a better workplace for both the employee and for the organization. 会为雇员和雇主营造更好的工作环境。 When people don't know how their pay compares to their peers', 当人们不知道他们同事的工资时, they're more likely to feel underpaid and maybe even disCRIminated against. 他们总会感觉自己工资太低,甚至受到了歧视。 Do you want to work at a place that tolerates the idea that you feel underpaid or disCRIminated against? 你想在一个你觉得自己的工资太低或者遭到歧视的地方工作吗? But keeping salaries secret does exactly that, and it's a practice as old As It Is common, 对薪资保密恰恰会导致这样的结果,却被长期且普遍的接受, despite the fact that in the United States, the law protects an employee's right to discuss their pay. 尽管美国法律保护雇员讨论薪资的权利。 In one famous example from decades ago, the management of Vanity Fair magazine 几十年前,有一个著名的例子,《名利场》杂志的管理层 actually circulated a memo entitled: "Forbidding Discussion Among Employees of Salary Received." 发布了一条规则:“禁止员工讨论工资。” "Forbidding" discussion among employees of salary received. “禁止”员工讨论工资。 Now that memo didn't sit well with everybody. 这条规则不是所有人都接受得了的。 New York literary figures Dorothy Parker, Robert Benchley and Robert Sherwood, all writers in the Algonquin Round Table, 纽约文坛人物多乐西·帕克,罗伯特·本克利和罗伯特·舍伍德,三位阿冈昆圆桌会议的作家, decided to stand up for transparency and showed up for work the next day with their salary written on signs hanging from their neck. 决定为薪资透明而战,第二天上班时,他们脖子上挂了个牌子,上面写了自己的工资。 Imagine showing up for work with your salary just written across your chest for all to see. 想象一下你去上班时,胸前挂着工资牌,谁都能看到。 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20171013/501884.html