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超自然事件 The Supernatural Incidents

In some small countries, people are very superstitious, they believe in the supernatural incidents and even some can be explained in the scientific way. Today, the government takes some actions to limit the topic of TV series, so as to educate people not to believe in ghost. Actually, some people are very stubborn to change their attitude towards the long term impression. Though they are superstitious, they know bad guys will be hunted by ghost, so they are not dared to do something bad and follow the rules all the time. Superstitious people have their judgement about justice, because they have their faith. I think it is good for them. If they don’t do the extreme thing, we should not blame them. While for better educate the young generation, scientific ways are advocated. We can change people’s mind from generation to generation.  在一些小乡村有些人非常迷信,即使可以科学的方式来解释,他们仍然相信超自然的事件。如今,政府采取措施去限制电视剧的主题,以教育人们不要相信鬼魂的存在。实际上,有些人很固执,难以改变他们的长期观念。虽然他们是迷信的,但是他们相信坏人会被恶鬼缠身,所以他们不敢做坏事,遵守法律法规。迷信的人,他们对正义也是有判断力的,因为他们有自己的信仰,我觉得这对他们有好处。如果他们不做极端的事情,我们不应该责怪他们。然而为了更好的教育年轻一代,我们应该宣传科学。我们可以在一代代中改变大家的看法。 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20171012/The-Supernatural-Incidents.html