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傲骨贤妻(The Good Wife) 第04季 第03集 第02期

语音识别软件 如果搜索你们的语音识别软件... So, if went looking for your voice recognition software... 我们的名字会出现在顶端 Our name would be at the top. 这份搜索结果 And this is a search engine result 来自去年 2011年6月 from last year-- June 2011. 那是你们的软件吗 That's your software? 玛格丽塔动态 Margarita Motions? 是的 Yes. 我和朱莉的 以我们妈妈的名字命名的 Julie and mine. We named it after our moms. 玛格丽特和丽塔 Margaret and Rita. 美国科技博客 《小发明》认为它是 Gizmodo considered it 国内顶级的语音识别软件 the top voice recognition software in the country, 你们也拒绝被苹果与微软收购 and you resisted being bought out by Apple and Microsoft. 是的 我们想自己经营 就像我们的英雄 Yes, we wanted to do it on our own, like our hero, 尼尔·格罗斯那样 Neil Gross. 2011年6月后发生了什么 And what happened after June 2011? 我们的排序下跌了 We dropped. 一夜之间 我们跌了 Overnight, we dropped. 现在你在搜索结果里 Now you have to flip through 得翻28页才能找到我们 28 pages of search results to find us. 如果我通过名称搜索你们的软件呢 And if I were to look for your software by using your name...? 试试看 输入吧 Try it. Type it in. “你是不是要找玛格丽塔鸡尾酒” "Do you want Margarita Mixes?" 它总是那样更正 It always corrects that way. 你说这是一夜之间发生的吗 And you say this happened overnight? 是的 2011年6月13日 Yes, it did. June 13, 2011. 为什么这日子你记得那么清楚 And why do you know that date so specifically? 一周前 Well, a week earlier, 查查网一位销售代表找过我们 we were approached by a sales rep from Chumhum, 也就是格罗斯先生的公司 Mr. Gross's company. 想让我们购买搜索引擎的广告位 They wanted us to buy ads for the search engine, 我们拒绝了 我们想省下钱来雇帮手 and we said no; we wanted to save the money for hiring. 于是一周后你们就跌到了搜索结果的28页吗 And then a week later, you dropped to page 28 in their results? 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20171012/The-Good-Wife-04-03-2.html