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傲骨贤妻(The Good Wife) 第04季 第03集 第01期

我们还是联系不到妈妈做采访 We're still having trouble contacting the mom for an interview. 你能帮忙吗 Any help there? 杰姬吗 没问题 Jackie? Sure. 她巴不得接受采访 She's probably circling the building. 不 是艾丽西娅的妈妈 No, Alicia's mom. 这就比较困难了 Oh.That might prove a little more difficult. -我问问看 -好 - Let me check. - Good. 还有 威尔·加德纳 艾丽西娅的上司 Now, Will Gardner, Alicia's boss, 我还想采访他 I still want to interview him. 好的 Okay. 戴安·洛克哈特怎么样 How about Diane Lockhart? -我们更想采访威尔·加德纳 -为什么 - We'd prefer Mr. Gardner. - Why? 因为他们是乔治城大学的同学 They went to Georgetown together. 我尽量安排 I'll see what I can do. 还有别的吗 曼蒂 Is there anything else, Mandy? 能采访下艾丽西娅也不错 An interview with Alicia wouldn't hurt. 看来这个封面故事 It seems this cover story is 更多是关于艾丽西娅而不是彼得 more about Alicia than Peter. 不 只是我们之前采访过彼得了 No, we've just had greater access to Peter. 我是不是被你摆了一道 Am I being sandbagged? 什么叫摆了一道 Define sandbagged. -这是负面竞选广告吗 -不 - Is this a hit piece? - No. 是对你的竞选人的客观描写 It is an objective profile of your candidate... 得了吧 曼蒂 你是另有所图的 Come on, Mandy, you still want something from me. 怎么回事 What's going on? 给我安排艾丽西娅·福瑞克的采访 Get me face time with Alicia Florrick. 先告诉我怎么回事 Tell me what's up first. 我有确切消息证实有外遇 I have solid information of an affair. 确切消息? Solid information? 哪来的 排队时听来的吗 What? From the checkout line? 伊莱 你问了 我就说了 Eli, you asked, so I told. 给我安排艾丽西娅的采访 Get me some face time with Alicia. 你准备什么时候登 When do you go to press? 这周 This week. 快接 艾丽西娅 快接 Come on, Alicia, come on. 我是艾丽西娅·福瑞克 请... This is Alicia Florrick. Please... 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20171012/The-Good-Wife-04-03-1.html