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闪电侠(The Flash) 第02季 第15集 第13期

她叫冰霜杀手 是冷酷无情的冰雪女魔 She's a coldhearted Ice Queen named Killer Frost, 非常喜欢杀人的超能力者 a meta-human who enjoyed killing a lot. 好了 说出来了 There, great. 这下哈里得杀了我 把我扔出去了 Now Harry's gonna kill me and throw myself across the room. 西斯科 我不是超能力者 Cisco, I'm not a meta-human. 我知道 但是你的表现 Okay, I hear you, but you're acting 就和她在那边的表现一样 just like she did over there. 你变得不爱说话 冷漠 You're being shut off. You're being detached. 变得冷淡 You're being cold. 因为我现在必须这样 Because I have to be right now. 我刚看着杰伊在我面前被杀死 I just watched Jay get killed right in front of my eyes, 才开始感到一切又正常了 just when I was starting to feel normal again, 我才开始决定去爱了 just when I was beginning to love. 如果我让自己去感受 So if I let myself feel, 让自己释放所有的伤痛与愤怒 if I let all of that pain and anger out, 那就永远不会停止 it's never gonna stop, 而且那对我也没有帮助 and that's not gonna help me either, 所以我们还是继续研究 so let's just get back to this research 想办法找出鲨鱼王吧 and figure out how to find King Shark. 好吧 Okay. 找到你了 Here you are. 就像在家里 总是在工作 Yup, just like back home, always working. 我想找到鲨鱼王的下落 I'm trying to locate this King Shark. 他来在地球一了吗 He's here? On this Earth? 是的 其实是极速 Yes, it turns out our friend Zoom 让他来这里杀闪电侠的 brought him here to kill the Flash. 貌似他和我们一样困在这里了 Looks like he's stuck here just like we are. 好像是的 所以我要在他伤害更多人前 It looks like he is, and so I need to figure this out 把这个弄明白 杰西 before more people get hurt, Jessie, so... 概率分布算法吗 Probability distribution algorithm? 部分匹配策略 没错 Partial matching strategies, yes. 根据什么 Based on what? 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20171012/The-Flash-02-15-13.html