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闪电侠(The Flash) 第02季 第15集 第12期

还有其他的吗 Anything else? 我只是 想帮忙 你知道的 Well, I just... want to help, you know. 我只是想确保 I'm just trying to make sure 他们没有任何理由拒绝你 they don't have any reason to say no. 好吧 Okay. 抱歉 沃利 我不是有意... Sorry, Wally, I didn't mean that-- 这看起来真的很棒 It looks really good. 好吧 我们从头开始好了 All right, let's start over, okay? 这个... Is it-- 不如我们一起通读一下 找找解决办法 Why don't we go through it all together, work it out? 听起来不错 Sounds good. 太好了 Cool. 这简直是浪费时间 This is a complete waste of time. 我们在兰姆登博士的研究中肯定找不到 We're not gonna find anything in Doctor Lamden's research 怎么找出鲨鱼王的办法 to tell us how to find King Shark. 也许我可以看一看 Maybe I should take a look. 是啊 因为你是生物化学领域的博士 Oh, yeah, 'cause you're the doctor with a specialty in bio-chem. 我只是说 你也许会需要 I'm just saying maybe you could use 另一双眼睛的帮助 考虑到... another set of eyes, considering. 考虑到什么 Considering what? 考虑到你近来的表现 Considering the way you've been acting lately. 你这是什么意思 What does that mean? 你不像你自己了 凯特琳 You are not yourself, Caitlin, 这吓坏我了 And it's freaking me out, 因为你眼里有一种冷酷 'cause you have this icy look in your eye 就像在那边一样 just like you did over there. 在那边 Over there? 你是说地球二 You mean Earth-2? 不是 不 No. Uh, no. 我想说的是... Um, what I meant to say was-- 你见到了我的二重身 对不对 You met my doppelganger, didn't you? 什么 没有 What? No. 西斯科 Cisco. 我不应该说的 Look, I'm not supposed to say anything. 为什么 Why not? 因为我不应该说 Because I'm not supposed to say anything. 弗朗西斯科·拉蒙 如果你不开始交代 Francisco Ramon, if you don't start talking-- 好吧 没错 我见过你的二重身 Okay, fine, yes, I met your doppelganger. 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20171012/The-Flash-02-15-12.html