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闪电侠(The Flash) 第01季 第17集 第19期

乔 Hey, Joe. 接待警员说你找我 Desk Sergeant said you were looking for me. 艾迪 是的 Eddie, yeah. Uh... 请坐 Sit down. 这件事和爱瑞丝有关 It's about Iris. 她在调查梅森·布里奇的失踪案 She's looking into Mason Bridge's disappearance. 我们不能让她去查 We can't let that happen. 警探 Detective. 艾迪 我们需要你帮忙 Eddie, we need your help. 闪电侠击败魔术师 巴西 Brazil? 为什么 梅森为什么会搬去巴西 Why-- why would Mason move to Brazil? 是为了个女孩 Apparently there was a girl involved, 他决定和她去亚马逊远足一年 and he decided to go hike the Amazon with her for a year, 远离尘嚣 you know, live off the grid, 写写回忆录什么的 write his memoirs or something. 看来人心真是难以捉摸 Wow. I guess you really don't know anyone. 是啊 No, you don't. 宝贝 一切还好吧 Hey, baby, everything good? 还好 当然 Yeah, yeah. Of course. 晚餐马上就好了 Dinner will be ready in a jiff, okay? 好 Okay. 她信了吗 She buy it? 我想是吧 I think so. 为了她的安全 别告诉她真相 Keeping her in the dark, it's for her safety. 这有待商榷 你躲不过去的 That is debatable, and we will have that debate. 但是现在 我们下一步要怎么做 But for right now, what's our next move? 我们要怎样才知道威尔斯的计划 How do we figure out what Wells is up to? 当威尔斯给我讲述如何穿越墙体 When Wells was talking me through phasing 帮我从手腕上摘下魔术师的炸弹 so I could get the Trickster's bomb off my wrist, 他描述成为闪电侠的方式 飞驰感 the way that he desCRIbed my being The Flash, running, 感受风感受力量 feeling the wind and the power, 就像他在描述他的亲身体会 it's like he was talking from experience. 你想说什么 What are you saying? 我不知道怎么回事 I don't know how... 但是他绝对就是黄衣人 but he's the man in yellow. 哈里森·威尔斯就是逆闪 Harrison Wells is the Reverse-Flash. 发生了一起车祸 可能有人死亡 I got an 11-80, possible 10-54, J号县公路 请求立即支援 County Road J, requesting immediate assistance. 收到 分队正赶往你所在的位置 Copy that. Units en route to your location. 先生 我们会把你救出去的 Sir, we're gonna get you out of here. 能告诉我你的名字吗 Can you tell me your name? 你知道你是谁吗 Do you know who you are? 我 My name... 叫 is... 哈里森·威尔斯 Harrison Wells. 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20171012/The-Flash-01-17-19.html