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闪电侠(The Flash) 第01季 第16集 第03期

同时 他们也从未忘记提醒我 And yet, they never fail to remind me 我永远都是不对的 that I can do no right. 如果我跟你一起去呢 What if I came with you? 你说真的吗 What? Seriously? 真的 你都为我做了这么多了 Absolutely. You've done so much for me. 我也要为你付出一次 Let me be there for you for a change. 我还可以翻阅你的家庭相册 And I could look at old family photo albums 看看小时候不留长发的西斯科是什么样的 and see what little Cisco looks like without long hair. 那我还是不邀请你了 I'm rescinding your invite. 克莱德·马登有个哥哥 Clyde Mardon has a brother? 两兄弟都在坠机事件中活下来了 So, both Mardon brothers survived the plane crash 然后粒子加速器爆炸 and then the dark matter released 释放出的黑暗物质 by the Particle Accelerator explosion 本质上 affects them both in-- 以同样的方式影响了他们 Virtually the same way. 没错 That's right. 除了马克和克莱德完全不一样 Only Mark's not like Clyde at all. 他的能力范围 He can do things that 你根本无法想象 you couldn't even imagine. 你是说他就像是某种 You mean he's sort of like a... 天气巫师 Weather wizard? 没错 Yeah. 三叉神经性头疼 Trigeminal headache? 艾伦先生 Mr. Allen. 借一步说话 A word please. 好的 Yeah. 你弄断了时间线 是不是 You ruptured the time continuum, didn't you? 你现在正经历着暂时的时间逆转 You're experiencing temporal reversion. -没错 -这样多长时间了 - Yeah! - How long? 大概一天 A day and some change. 感觉就像把这天重新过了一遍 It's like I'm living it all over again. 那还好 Yeah, well that's good. 这说明你还没有造成太大的麻烦 That means there's not too much you could've messed up yet. 这一切是怎么发生的 How did this happen? 我不知道 I--I don't know. 我当时的速度达到了前所未有的高度 I mean,I was running faster than I've ever ran, 我第一次经历这一天的时候 and the first time that I lived this day 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20171012/The-Flash-01-16-3.html