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家有萌犬(Downward Dog) 第01季 第06集 第07期

-前方有帅哥 -好 - There's some cute boys. - ?Oh, okay. -帅哥们好呀 -你好 - Hey, guys! - ?Hi. 怎么样啊 How's it going? 不要占道 Share the road! 你才不要占道 You share the road. 你咋不骑上天呢 Share the road with your face! 够了 我不玩了 不玩了 No. Okay, that's it. No, I'm done. I'm done. -什么 -我受够了 - What?! - ?Oh, that's enough. 别这样 多好玩啊 Come on. This is amazing. 你得投入进去啊 You just got to, like, get into it. 根本难玩死了 好吗 It's not amazing, okay? 我去你家是为了让你安慰我 I came to your house so that you could pamper me 陪我喝酒 and throw wine down my throat 听我发泄烦恼 and listen to me moan about all my problems. 讨厌 Come on! 这就是啊 This is that. 这就是 This is just, like -- 更好玩 更活跃的版本 like, a fun, like, more active version of that. 真的吗 因为感觉你... Oh, okay, 'cause it kind of feels like you -- 算了 Forget it. It's -- 你说得对 对不起 You're right. I'm sorry. 我不是故意要当个坏朋友 I'm not trying to be a bad friend. 只是 It's just, like... 那张DVD是我爸给我拍的视频 So, that DVD is this video that my dad shot of me 第二天我妈就走了 the day before my mom left. 然后他轻描淡写地把DVD丢进箱子里给我 And he just, like, chucked it in the box, you know? 就好像说 「这里有些有趣的童年回忆 Like, "Hey, here's some fun childhood nostalgia. 看看吧」 Enjoy that." 我很抱歉 南 I'm really sorry, Nan. 不 我才该道歉 No, I'm -- I'm the one who should be sorry. 是的 Yeah. You are. 你该道歉 今天一整天都是你的错 ?You are. You should be very sorry about this whole day. 你逗我呢吧还下雨 Got to be kidding me! 即使他抢了我的玩具 毁了我的打盹 And even though he -- he took my toy and he ruined my nap 甚至毁了我的生日 and he basically destroyed my entire birthday, 我还是很有耐心 like, still, I was patient. 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20171012/Downward-Dog-01-06-7.html