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家有萌犬(Downward Dog) 第01季 第06集 第06期

我本可以恨他的 Like -- Like, I-I could have ate him. 当然了 我绝不会那么做 Like, of course I would never -- I would never do that. 我只是耍耍嘴炮 好像我有这个选择一样 I'm just saying, like, that -- like, that was an option. 问题是 我给过他机会 The thing is, I gave him a chance. 我已经告诉过他 Like -- Like, I told him, like, 别碰我 别看着我 not to touch me, not to look at me, 所有东西都是我的 而不是他的 that everything was mine and not his, 只要他什么都别碰 and as long as he didn't touch anything 我们就能相安无事 that we would be cool. 但他当然没有乖乖照做 But, of course, he didn't. 他就是管不住自己那只丑丑的小爪子 Like, he couldn't keep his ugly little paws to himself. 姑娘们 Ladies. 一杯柠檬糖马天尼 One lemon-drop martini 以及我秘制的老式鸡尾酒 and my personal take on an old-fashioned. 我想你们应该需要 更大人一点的东西 Thought you could use something a little bit more...adult. 谢天谢地 Thank God! 太棒了 谢谢 This is lovely. Thank you. 所以今天是你们的「妈妈放松夜」吗 So, what is this -- like, moms' night out? 什么 What? 我们看起来像当妈的吗 We look like moms? 天呐 Oh, my God. 根本没用 我觉得自己好老 This isn't working. I feel old, old, old. 我们需要换个地方 好吗 Okay, look, we need to change locations, okay? 想想 有什么事情好玩又不用费脑子 Quick -- what's something fun that doesn't require thinking? 跳舞 Dancing! 不 不 跳舞太悲催了 No. No. Day dancing is so sad. 好吧 Okay. 共享单车 Bike share! 如果我们要逃避问题 If we're gonna run away from our problems, 能不能至少挑一个速度快点的交通工具 couldn't we at least pick a faster mode of transportation? 不 这样很好玩 No, this is fun. 就像我们年轻时没钱 It's like when we were young and poor 买不起车一样 对吗 and we couldn't afford cars, right? 那时好玩吗 Was it fun? 天知道我怎么会听你的做这个 God, I don't know how I let you convince me to do this. 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20171012/Downward-Dog-01-06-6.html