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BBC地平线 长生不老(Don't Grow Old) 第16期

我的目标吗 'My personal goal? 当然是活到150岁 'Well, certainly to live to 150.' 我已经不觉得125是一个目标 Um...I don't think 125 is a goal any more, 很多人已经做到了 too many people have done it. 没有人限制你的寿命 No-one's put a limitation on it 只要没有限制 and as long as there's no limitation, 活多久都是可能的 there's no limitation, 我希望我能继续跑步 我知道比尔也会的 I expect to keep running, and I know Bill will.' 他在我之前跑了马拉松 He ran a marathon before I ever did. 如果他跑一次 我也要跑一次 If he ran one, I had to run one. 一直就是这样 It's always been, like, 我得走在我父亲的前头 I got to keep one step ahead of my father, 不过这有时很难做到 which has been kind of tough to do at times.' 比尔相信衰老是由某种主要原因导致的 Bill's always believed there's a prime cause of ageing 如果你试图寻找 也许会找到它 and that if you look for it, you'll find it. 从高中起我就知道 I knew since I was in high school that there's 我们体内应该存在着像钟一样的东西 got to be some kind of clock that's ticking inside of us. 我十分沮丧 目前没有人知道这个钟是什么 And it really frustrated me that nobody knew what this clock was. 不过这个钟一定是存在的 But there had to be a clock and 我确信某一天我们会发现它是什么 I just knew that some day we were going to find out what that was. 他认为他已经找到了 And he thinks he has. 比尔觉得 这个时钟是端粒 Bill believes that the ticking clock is our telomeres. 这个学说指出每次细胞分裂时 This theory says that every time our cells divide, 我们染色体的的尖端 叫做端粒 会变短 the tips of our chromosomes - called telomeres - become shorter. 最终端粒变得太短 以至于细胞不能再分裂 Eventually they become so short, they stop our cells dividing. 我们无法再产生新的细胞 因此衰老 We can't produce new cells and so we age. 端粒变短是个无法改变的问题 Telomere-shortening is an absolute problem that we have 每次细胞分裂 我们的端粒变短 and every time our cells divide, our telomeres get short. 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20171012/Dont-Grow-Old-16.html