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BBC纪录片《植物之歌》(How To Grow A Planet) 第01集 第16期

就形成了储存水分的理想场所 it ends up as this ideal environment for storing water. 我们叫它"土壤" An environment that we call soil. 现在 地球表面40%都是土壤 Today, soil covers 40% of the planet's land. 它的形成过程非常缓慢 It takes a long time to form, 一千年才能形成两厘米 1,000 years to make just 2cm of soil. 但它是植被存活的重要因素 But it's essential for plant life, 正如4亿年前的当时 just as it was back then. 因为原始无叶植被正是因此 Because the primitive leafless plants 可以离开水边了 could now break free from the water's edge. 根系及其创造的土壤 Roots, and the soil they created, 使得植物所向披靡 made plants unstoppable... 首次推动它们向内陆开拓的进程 ...allowing them to colonise inland for the first time. 这次大举入侵 An invasion that would have 是一次改变地球生态的壮举 a dramatic influence on all life on earth. 数百万年来 For millions of years, 动物被困于水体之中 animals had been confined to the rivers and oceans. 终于 它们可以脱离水体了 Now they could finally emerge from the water. 我们通过模拟过去的方式 We get an idea of those first tentative steps 观察一种五千年来几乎未曾改变的生物 by travelling back in time with a creature 来了解那些试探性的创举 that's barely changed for 500 million years. 这里是美国东海岸 I've come to the east coast of America, 这些古生物仍然在此登陆并进行交配 where these ancient creatures still come ashore at dusk to mate. 就是它们了 Here they are. 鲎[亦称马蹄蟹] Horseshoe crabs. 像是来自外星球的生物 Looks like something from another planet. 他用这两只眼睛看东西 He sees with two main eyes here, 但不可思议的是 but they've got something like, 他们的身体散布有十只眼睛 like ten eyes scattered across their body. 而更奇怪的是 当你把它们翻过来 And the really weird bit is if you lift them up. 快看这 Look at that. 首先映入眼帘的便是它们的五双腿 For a start, they've got five pairs of legs. 看 一 二 三 四 五 Look - one, two, three, four, five, 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20171012/BBC-How-To-Grow-A-Planet-01-16.html