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BBC纪录片《植物之歌》(How To Grow A Planet) 第01集 第15期

但这并不是植物的全面着陆 Yet this wasn't a full-scale invasion. 只是一个小小立足点 Just a toehold. 植物仍需生长在水体边界 Plants were still tied to the water's edge, 无法向内陆扩展 unable to head inland 渗入荒芜多石的地表 and penetrate the harsh, rocky surface. 但这一切将很快改变 But all this was about to change. 植物进化出了有效解决方法 Plants evolved an inspired solution to the problem, 进化出了一个收集水分和养料的绝妙办法 a brilliant device for collecting water and nutrients 进化出了一个前所未有的部分 and something that they never really had before. 那就是根系 Roots. 柬埔寨 Cambodia. 12世纪建于塔普伦的寺庙 The 12th-century temple here at Ta Prohm 实属文化奇观 is a wonder of civilisation, 同时也是自然界的奇迹 but it's also a wonder of the natural world. 尽管这些无花果的根系 Although the roots of these strangler figs 不同于原始植物进化的根系 are very different from the first ones to evolve, 却是证明了植被 it's a superb place to reveal 如何靠根系进军内陆的绝佳场所 how roots allowed plants to invade inland. 根系潜藏着巨大能量 Roots are hugely powerful. 看这根多惹人爱 I mean, I love this one. 它奋力向顶部延伸 Look at it prising its way into that roof, 凸显整个构造 just lifting that whole structure up. 再往下延伸 And then boring down here, 穿透这些石块后便再也没有出现 through these stone blocks and then disappearing. 多少个世纪里 它所施加的都是极小力道 Just tiny pressures exerted over decades of centuries. 但聚少成多 最终汇成了惊人的力量 Add these up and you get phenomenal strength. 每平方厘米有10千克的压强 A pressure of up to 10kg per square cm. 大约4亿年前 出现了原始根系 Around 400 million years ago, the first roots appeared... 从而使植被能粉碎地表岩石 ...and gave plants the ability to smash up the rocky planet. 同时创造出陆上生物的重要元素 And this created a vital ingredient for life on land. 当细微的岩石颗粒 When the tiny, broken-up fragments of rock 与枯萎植物混杂在一起时 get mixed up with dead plant material, 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20171012/BBC-How-To-Grow-A-Planet-01-15.html