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绿箭(Arrow) 第04季 第03集 第09期

你们俩今晚差点就被人杀了 The both of you nearly got killed out there tonight 因为你们没有对方做援手 because you didn't have each other's backs. 这就是偶尔一次而已 费莉西蒂 不会再发生了 That was a one-time deal, Felicity, it won't happen again. 这我同意 I absolutely agree. 因为你们俩要坐下来谈谈 Because the two of you are going to sit down here 直到把话说开 until you have resolved your issues. 听明白了吗 Do we have an understanding? -我... -听明白了吗 - I-- - Do we have an understanding?! 明白了 Yeah. 我要把这个拿给帕尔默科技的一个家伙 I'm going to take this to a guy at Palmer Tech 搞清楚这个疯子是怎么把纹身变成致命武器的 to find out how some lunatic Meta turns tattoos into lethal weapons. 如果我回来时你们还没说清楚 If you two haven't figured out your issues by the time I get back, 我就找一群米拉库鲁军人把你们暴扁一顿 I'm going to find a bunch of Mirakuru soldiers to knock some sense into you. 已经好几个月了 伙计 It's been months, man. 我不知道说了多少次对不起 And... I—I don't know how many apologies. 约翰 你不是个小家子气的人 John, you're a forgiving person-- 奥利弗 这跟气度无关 Oliver, this isn't about forgiveness, man. 我不知道要怎么看开 I don't know how to move forward with this-- 要怎么继续合作 us doing what we do. 我回来之后咱们不是合作得挺好的吗 We've worked fine since I got back. 那是运气好 We got lucky. 奥利弗 曾经有段时间 Oliver, there was a time 我是愿意为你挡子弹的 I would have taken a bullet for you. 现在我可能不会了 And I don't know if I would do that now. 所以就算我们一起出去执行任务 Which means that even when we're out there, 我们也不算是在合作 we are not out there together. 你越界了 伙计 You crossed a line, man. 而你可能还会越界的事实 And the fact that you could do that again 一直在我脑子里徘徊 sits in the back of my head somewhere. 我明白了 我明白了 I get it! I get it. 我明白自己越界了 I understand that I crossed a line. 我明白自己失去了你的信任 I understand that I lost your trust. 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20171012/Arrow-04-03-9.html