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绿箭(Arrow) 第04季 第03集 第10期

但我不明白的是 What I do not understand 你为何不给我个机会重新赢回你的信任 is why you won't give me a chance to earn it back. 你觉得今晚这个超能力者和达克有关吗 You think this meta tonight is connected to Darhk? 我不知道 I don't know. 他提到了一个新成员 Uh...he mentioned a new player, 一个女人 法雅德 a woman. Uh, Fayad. 我们得走了 We need to go. 去哪里 Where? 去个我要尝试再次信任你的地方 Some place where I'm going to try to trust you again. 我喜欢把我们大家看作是一个团队 I like to think of all of us as a team. 而队友间需要相互信任 Teammates need to trust each other. 但如今 我有点做不到 Right now, I'm having a little difficulty doing that. 你们中何不出来个人告诉我谁偷了货呢 Why don't one of y'all tell me who stole the product, 不然这个人就要吃枪子儿了 or else this man right here is going to eat a bullet. 没人说吗 Nobody? 我们再试一次 Let's try this again. 等等 等等 Hey! Wait! Wait, wait, wait. 你说过这些人只能用暴力对付 You said the violence is the only thing these people respond to. 但是看起来不管用啊 Well, it doesn't seem to be working. 那你有什么办法 骂人吗 Well, what do you have in mind? Harsh language? 我在这个岛上待了三年 I've been on this island three years, 学到了一些东西 I've learned some things. 学到什么 About what? 痛苦 Pain. 啊喔 Uh oh. 当你老总走进来时你可不会想说这个词 Those aren't the words you want to say when your CEO walks into a room. 严格来说 "啊"和"喔"可不是词 Well, technically "Uh" and "Oh" aren't words, 它们只是个感叹... they're interjections-- 拜托你告诉我这些是我们 Please tell me these are the prototypes 改变世界的新科技的样机 for our new world-changing technology. 既然它们是我发明的 Well, since I'm inventing them, 那它们难道不应该是我的... wouldn't that make them my-- 这是什么 What is this? 隐形眼镜 内置高清放映 Contact lenses with built-in HD displays. 真厉害 也够快的啊 Whoo, that's impressive, and fast. 准备卖多少钱 How much would they sell for? 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20171012/Arrow-04-03-10.html