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美语情景对话 第15期:室友 Roommates

Todd: So, JJ, I hear you've got a good living arrangement. JJ,我听说你住的公寓很棒。 JJ: I love it, and of course, you know, like any person, I was a little bit leery of living with roommates but at the same time I thought living in a foreign country I didn't want to isolate myself completely, especially since I don't speak the language and I first met Jessica at the airport and when we were close to tears from laughing so hard on the train ride from the airport to Matsudo Station realized this is going to be a good living arrangement, and we got here and the Brits had taken one half of the apartment and so we Americans moved into the other half and have gotten along brilliantly, even the little squabbles that tend to come up seem to be solved fairly quickly, maturely and I love it. This is the best living arrangement I've ever had. At the same time I think it's kind of something that's, that can be expected when you come to teach abroad. It takes a certain kind of person to decide to leave everything familiar behind and meet new people, have new experiences. You're not taping any of this are you. 我很喜欢它,就像其他人一样,和室友住在一起让我有点儿敏感,但我想到住在异国他乡,我不想完全被孤立,特别是我的语言不通。当我第一次在机场见到杰西卡的时候,我们先是笑接着又哭得很厉害,我们从机场出来乘火车到了 松户站,我意识到这儿是个好地方,我们到的时候英国人已经占用了公寓的一半,所以我们两个美国人只能搬进公寓的另一半住,我们很快产生了小的口角,但很快公正地解决了,我真的很喜欢这栋公寓。这是我住过得最好的公寓。同时,我认为出国教书正是我所期待的。它需要一个人坚定地做出决定,离开一切熟悉的人和事,认识新的朋友,体验新的生活。你没在录音吧。 Todd: No, I am actually. Thank a lot, JJ. 我在录音,谢谢你,JJ。 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20171012/501773.html