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飞行员英语900句 第36期:气象及其他机场信息通话术语(01)

Ice is accumulating rapidly on the wings and fuselage. Request emergency descent to 6000 feet. 701. 机翼和机身的积冰速度很快。申请紧急下降到6000英尺。 We are encountering moderate icing. Request immediate descent. 702. 我们遇到了中度结冰。请求立即下降。 We made a diversion due to reports of freezing rain at our original destination. 703. 我们备降是由于收到目的地机场冻雨报告。 We are on emergency descent due severe icing. 704. 由于严重结冰,我们紧急下降了。 We are encountering clear ice. Request immediate right turn to heading 130. 705. 我们遇到了明冰。申请立即右转航向130。 Rime ice was reported by previous aircraft during approach. 706. 进近中前机报告有毛冰。 We cannot continue holding in icing conditions. Request descent immediately and cancel speed restrictions. 707. 我们不能在结冰条件下继续等待。请求立即下降并取消速度限制。 We have a “Wind-shear Ahead” warning message. Request to delay takeoff or change to another runway. 708. 我们出现了“前方风切变”警告信息。请求延迟起飞,或换一条跑道。 We have a “Wind-shear Ahead” warning. Request to delay our approach. 709. 我们出现了“前方风切变”警告。请求延迟进近 We made the go around due to wind-shear warning. 710. 我们复飞的原因是有风切变警告。 We have received information of a new volcanic eruption. Will it affect our route? 711. 我们收到火山喷发的一条新信息。会影响我们航路吗? We are unsure of our position due heavy fog. We are holding position. 712. 由于浓雾,我们不确定我们的位置。原地等待中。 We had a rapid airspeed decay due turbulence. Request immediate descent to FL390. 713. 我们的空速由于颠簸而快速衰减。申请立即下降到高度390。 We had to descend immediately due to wind-shear at our cruise level. We didn’t have time to request descent as the frequency was busy. 714. 我们由于巡航高度层风切变的原因不得不立即下降。由于刚才频率繁忙,我们没有时间请示下降。 The airplane began to buffet when climbing through FL380. We had to stop climb immediately to increase airspeed. 715. 刚才上升通过高度380时飞机开始抖振。我们必须立即停止爬升以增加空速。 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20171012/501764.html