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飞行员英语900句 第35期:紧急情况通话术语(13)

We have a thrust reverser opened in flight. We cannot maintain this level. Request immediate descent. 681. 空中反推被放出。我们不能保持高度。请求立即下降。 We still cannot retract the thrust reverser. Our approach speed will be higher than normal. Request vectors for the longest Runway. 682. 我们仍然不能收回反推。我们的进近速度会大于正常速度。申请雷达引导到最长的跑道落地。 We aborted takeoff due loss of engine oil pressure. 683. 由于发动机失去了滑油压力,我们中断起飞了。 We have an engine oil leak. Request diversion. 684. 我们有发动机滑油泄漏。申请备降。 We have a low oil pressure warning from engine Number Two. Request diversion. 685. 我们的二发有滑油压力低的警告。申请备降。 Engine Number One has a temperature problem. Request holding to perform checklist. 686. 一发有温度问题。申请等待来执行检查单。 Our EGT continues to be above the maximum limit. Request descent. We might shut down engine Number Two shortly. 687. 我们的排气温度继续高于最大限制。申请下降。我们可能马上关掉二号发动机。 We have performed our procedures but engine vibration still exists. Request diversion. 688. 我们已经完成了程序但发动机抖振仍然存在。申请备降。 The engine vibration is now causing the airplane to shake violently. We are shutting down our engine Number Three. 689. 现在发动机抖振引起飞机震动剧烈。我们正准备关掉三号发动机。 We've made a visual inspection of engine Number Two from the cabin. The engine cowling has fallen off. 690. 我们从客舱里目视观察二号发动机。发动机整流罩脱落了。 Engine Number Three has smoke coming out of the pylon section. We are evacuating. 691. 三号发动机吊架部位出现烟雾。我们正在撤离。 Ground vehicle has collided with our engine nacelle. Maintenance work is needed before flight. Request cancel our airway clearance. 692. 地面车辆与发动机短舱碰撞了。飞行前需要机务维护。申请取消我们的航路许可。 The Number Two engine has been shut down. We are no longer able to maintain level flight. Request descent to FL200. 693. 已关掉二号发动机。我们不能够保持平飞。申请下降到高度200。 The uncontained engine failure has caused parts of the fuselage to be damaged. Request emergency descent. 694. 发动机失效是非包容性质的,已导致部分机身损坏。申请紧急下降。 Our left engine has ingested FOD. We are shutting down engines and holding position. 695. 我们的左发吸入了外物而损伤。我们马上关车并原地等待。 There is a huge gaping hole in the aisle, somehow the cabin floor has been punctured. We are re-seating passengers. Request holding. 696. 过道出现很大的洞,不知怎么的,客舱地板被穿透了。我们重新安排旅客座位。申请等待。 We have abnormal noise coming from the mid section of our fuselage, somewhere near the ceiling. Request descent and reduce speed. 697. 我们的机身中部有异常噪音,在客舱顶部附近。申请下降并减速。 We heard an explosion from the cabin. Request to stop climb. 698. 我们听到客舱有爆炸声。申请停止上升。 We are unsure about the cause of the explosion. There are injuries in the cabin. We’ll give you an update as soon as possible. 699. 我们不确定爆炸的原因。客舱有人受伤。我们一有新消息将尽快提供给你们。 Some passengers have cuts and burn wounds due onboard explosion. Request diversion and medical services upon arrival. 700. 由于机上爆炸,部分旅客有割伤和烧伤。申请备降与到场时的医疗服务。 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20171012/501763.html