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Now when this form is filled, that's when we are educated. More information, more data, better. 等容器填满了 我们就毕业了 信息数据越多越好 Not enough. Because it's not just information that determines our wellbeing, our success, our self-esteem, our motivational level, 这还不够 因为信息无法决定我们的幸福感 我们的成功 自尊 动机水平 The relationship and the quality of our relationships. It's much more than information. Transformation is about taking this form and changing it. 两性关系及其质量 光有信息还不够 变形则是把容器的形状改变 Trans, (which is) change, form, (which is) shape. Change the form. This is transformation. "trans"即改变 "form"即形状 改变形状 这就是变形 This is the distinction that I learned first from at the school Professor Robert Kegan who taught about this. Information in and of itself is not enough. 这是Robert Kegan教授 教我的第一区别 接收信息 关注信息本身是不够的 Think about this example. You go for an athletic meet. Your aim is to get into the top three-- 听听这个例子 你去参加运动会 目标是进入前三 To be a medalist. You come in number eight. What's the analysis? 获得奖牌 但是只获得第八名 你会如何分析 What's the interpretation? -- Terrible. I just failed. You feel deflated. Enervated. 你会如何解读? 太糟糕了 我彻底失败了 你灰心丧气 感到无力 On the other hand, the exact same event. You came eight when you expected to be top three. 但从另一角度看 同样的比赛 你期望获得前三 但只得到第八 You can interpret it as "Ok, so what have I learned? I need to work even harder." You become more energized. 你可以解读为"我学到了什么? 我还需要更努力地训练" 你会更有动力 You learned from the experience. In other words, the same objective information which is "I got eighth; I expected top three". 从经验中学习 也就是说 同样的客观信息 "我是第八名 我目标前三" The same information, very different interpretation. One is a disaster, 同样的信息 截然不同的解读 一个认为是灾难 The other interpretation is an opportunity. One leads to loss of energy, the other one to increasing energy. 另一个则当成机遇 一个让人失去动力 另一个增加动力 Or think about another very common example. We know of many people around the world who seemingly have everything, who are doing well, 还有一个很普遍的例子 世界各地很多人似乎拥有了一切 人生顺利 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20171012/501760.html