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And he introduced these ideas and it's all been literally uphill from then. Before Martin Seligman, 他提出了这些理念 从那时起便蓬勃发展起来 在Martin Seligman之前 This all happened in 1998 and we'll talk about it a little bit more next time. This all happened in 1998. Long before 1998, 都发生在1998年 下次我们会详谈 这都诞生于1998年 而早在1998年前 Our very own professor Ellen Langer did research in all these areas, bringing the humanistic spirit and combining it with the academic scientific rigor. We'll be talking probably more than any other scholar about her work in this class. Ellen Langer教授就已研究了这些领域 将人本主义精神与学术科学严谨性结合 我们对她的讨论会比对其他人多 And another person from Harvard, one of the parents of positive psychology was Philip Stone, who passed away two years ago, yesterday. 还有一位哈佛的教授 积极心理学的另一位父辈 Philip Stone 两年前的昨天去世了 Both Langer and Stone were my physicist advisors, introduced me to the field of positive psychology into this research. In 1998 when I had the first positive psychology summit, 两位都是我的物理学导师 带我进入了积极心理学领域的研究 1998年我第一次参加积极心理学峰会 Professor Stone took me along with him. I was a graduate student. In 1999 he taught the first positive psychology class at Harvard, Stone教授带我同去 我那时在攻读硕士学位 1999年 他首次在哈佛开设了本课程 One of the first in the world. I was his teaching fellow. A couple of years later, he taught it again. 在全球范围内也是首批 我是他的教研员 两年后 他又重新开设了课程 Again I was his teaching fellow. And then when I graduated, he suggested I take over his class. 我仍旧担任教研员 后来我毕业了 他提议我接手他的课程 And here we are today. So this is 1504. Let me give you a sense of, 直到今天 这就是1504号心理学课程 我再来讲讲... In the next half an hour and so, a sense of what you expect in this class. The first thing is this class is not just about information, 接下来的半小时 我会向你们介绍下这门课的内容 首先 这门课不光是传授信息 It is also explicitly about transformation. What do I mean by that? You see most of education today is about information. 而且关于如何变形 显而易见 这是什么意思 如今大多数教育都只是传达信息 What is information? So we have a container, which is our mind. 什么是信息 比如 我们有一个容器 也就是我们的思想 And information is about taking data, taking science, taking information and putting it inside the form. That is information. 信息就是接收数据 接收科学 接收信息 储存到容器里 这就是信息 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20171012/501759.html