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夏洛的网 第166期:上集市去(04)

Mr. Zuckerman sat down weakly and ate a doughnut. 朱克曼先生无力地坐下,吃他的炸面圈。 His wife went to the woodshed. 他的太太到板棚去了, When she returned, she wore rubber boots and an old raincoat, 回来时穿着橡胶靴子和旧雨衣, and she carried a bucket of buttermilk 拎了一桶脱脂牛奶, and a small wooden paddle. 拿着一根搅拌用的小木桨。 "Edith, you're crazy," mumbled Zuckerman. “伊迪丝,你疯了。”朱克曼先生嘀咕说。 But she paid no attention to him. 可太太没理他。 Together they walked to the pigpen. 他们一起来到猪圈。 Mrs. Zuckerman wasted no time. 朱克曼太太一点不浪费时间。 She climbed in with Wilbur and went to work. 她爬进猪圈来到威尔伯那里,马上就动手。 Dipping her paddle in the buttermilk, 她把木桨放进牛奶里浸湿, she rubbed him all over. 擦威尔伯的全身。 The geese gathered around to see the fun, 那些鹅围上来看热闹, and so did the sheep and lambs. 大羊小羊也是。 Even Templeton poked his head out cautiously, 连坦普尔顿也小心翼翼地探出头 to watch Wilbur get a buttermilk bath. 来看威尔伯洗牛奶澡。 Charlotte got so interested, 夏洛太感兴趣了, she lowered herself on a dragline so she could see better. 用一条丝挂下来好看得清楚些。 Wilbur stood still and closed his eyes. 威尔伯闭上眼睛,站着不动。 He could feel the buttermilk trickling down his sides. 它感觉到牛奶流下它的身体。 He opened his mouth and some buttermilk ran in. 它张开嘴,一些牛奶流到嘴里。 It was delicious. He felt radiant and happy. 味道太好了。它觉得光彩照人,觉得快活。 When Mrs. Zuckerman got through and rubbed him dry, 等到朱克曼太太洗完,把它擦干, he was the cleanest, prettiest pig you ever saw. 它真是一只你见也没见过的最干净最漂亮的猪。 He was pure white, pink around the ears and snout, and smooth as silk. 它全身雪白,耳朵和鼻子粉红,毛像丝一样光滑。 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20171012/501684.html